Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Mesh Starter Avatars

A few months ago I wrote an article called "Good-Bye Ruth", explaining that I had introduced a newbie to the wonderful world of Second Life only to discover the difficulties with the mesh starter avi's.  Eventually she had to transform back to the 2003 Ruth character in order to do anything with her shape, skin and clothing.  I was very concerned how this would effect the many new people joining Second Life since a great deal of the allure was being able to turn the ugly duckling starter character into a likeness that reflected our personalities.
Linden Lab has announced new mesh starter avatars that are better looking and easier to work with. The previous mesh avi's were "ugly" as my friend had called them.  There is also an option to choose the classic starter avatars when first creating an account.
Thank you Linden Lab for listening to residents concerns and addressing this. The first few hours in Second Life could either bring in a new addict or chase potential new residents away.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Locked, Loaded and Ready For Combat

Last month we featured the Titanium Combat HUD.  I had a reply that the best shield against anyone using a combat system is called " AR=Report=Banned".  I should have stated that these systems should only be used for combat groups on private land since most combat sims use their own combat systems.  Years ago the only combat sim was the Linden Lab Combat Continent which uses LLCS (Linden Labs Combat System)  The sim has parcel damage enabled and no special HUD or equipment is required.  Guns are provided so just wear one and start in.  Since then residents have created their own combat systems and sims.  Most attack HUDs are not compatible with the systems used in most combat sims.  For example, Lost City Of Angels uses whats called (CCS) or Community Combat System and I personally don't know of any attack or combat HUD that is compatible there.
MCM is another experience.  Combat requires a full avatar replacement.  The MCM Combat System offers a ton of weapons and options, 4 combat arenas with state of the art design.
Some combat sims use the DCS2 System, Not as advanced as the MCM but plenty of weapon options.
Death Kill stats, lifeline, health meter, ammo supply and many other options are available in the combat HUDs. If you enjoy multi-player combat it's worth looking into the different combat communities to find one that suited for you.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Haunting In Second Life

Fog rolls over the swampy land while the wind howls through the tree's.  A shadow looms in the distance and a chill runs up your spine.  The shadow moves closer and even through the thick forest you can see the glowing of it's eyes.  Smell the stench of evil. Then you realize, your in Second Life and nothing can hurt you here...or can it? Muaahhhahhhahh.

Second Life haunts can be just as scary as real life ones.  Set your environmental settings recommended by each haunted place , turn your sound up then go to mouselook and get scared silly.

Here are some of our favorite SL Haunts:

The Forgotten:
A full sim of interactive scares. Teleport through the portal and be careful or they send you straight to hell.  The haunted house has a variety of things to touch and explore if you dare. Come at 6pm for a true experience when the un-dead staff scare you to death.  There are a lot of things to see and do and it's best enjoyed with some friends.  A truly scary experience.

NC's Halloween & Haunted Mansion Rides:
Ride through the haunted house and swamps. The ride spits you out into a forest with some pretty cool effects. the foggy forest has eerie things around every corner, tree's with blinking eyes,
go crazy and end up in the asylum with interactive scares or get chased by zombies through the village.

Haunted :
Ride the train through spooky swamps and a haunted beach or stop at the evil carnival with it's wicked roller coaster ride, the spook house ride or encounter the creepiest clown you ever saw. Take a balloon tour over the haunted sim and enjoy the interactive haunted house and scares everywhere.

DarkDharma Haunted Mansion & Forest:
Very clever animated spooks, swinging chandeliers, hands reaching from the oven and the butcher waving a bloody meat clever while his victim hangs withering in agony. behind every door is a creepy animated scene sure to give you the shivers.

Heart Of Darkness:
The pink and black night sky reflects off the river, cross the bride into the forest and over to the scary carnival, the haunted house has spooks and flying scares around every turn.

Scared to Death Haunted House Ride by Jenniferbugg Blackflag:
Scared To Death Ride is not open as of this publishing but will be opening soon.  It has been a Halloween favorite for years and each October it gets better and better.  The ride takes you through a long journey of horrors with the best graphics and animations in SL.  A lot work and dedication goes into this amazing ride.  It will really blow you away.  Help get Scared To Death Ride running for 2015 by donating at one of their donation stations.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

2015 Media Awards Winners!

After months of research and careful consideration, The Innovative Second Life Group has chosen our 6 winners for the 2015 Media Awards.  We have awarded the #1 best magazines and webzines in SL.  The six categories are:

*Fashion & Lifestyle
*News & Events,
*Music and Entertainment
*Home & Garden
*Arts & Culture
*Adult Content
*Special Award-The Best Magazine in Second Life

Congratulations to all the winners!  Here is a list of our 6 winners and why they were chosen the #1 best in SL.

Arts & Culture:
Windlight Magazine:
Windlight Magazine is a visually stunning work of art in it's own right that features some of the most beautiful and profound photography in SL by many talented artists. The interviews are complete and entertaining and the articles are informative and well written,

News & Events:
SL Enquirer
The daily visitor count alone proves it's popularity but we voted SL Enquirer the #1 news source because it 's well constructed website offers residents news about current events, innovative products, press releases and informative articles.

Music & Entertainment:
Cizum Webzine
We voted Cizum the #1 source for music news and a must read for any music lover in SL.  Featuring up to date articles about live performances and venues.  Interviews with some of the best live performers in SL and music related product
reviews.  The website also features video clip previews of live performances.

Fashion & Lifestyle:
Dope Magazine
Dope Magazine stood out as the #1 best fashion & lifestyle magazine because of it's excellent variety and content. Guest photography highlights articles about clothing and accessories, businesses,  designers, current events and more. The photography and graphics are professional and well done.

Adult Content:
Playmates Magazine
There are more adult magazines in SL then any other.  We chose Playmates Magazine as the #1 best because it offers professional, quality photography that is tasteful and entertaining with Informative and interesting articles and interviews, The content is classy, not trashy. and very well done.

Home & Garden:
LTD Magazine
We chose LTD Magazine (Love to Decorate Magazine) as the #1 best source for home & garden content because it features the newest innovative products from the best designers in SL.  Beautiful, professional photo's highlight informative articles in this well constructed magazine.

The #1 Best Magazine in Second Life:
BOSL (The Best Of SL)
Superior page design and graphics, superb photography, well written articles about a variety of subjects, and outstanding content elevates BOSL above the rest.  Consistent excellence in every issue.  We unanimously voted BOSL the winner of the best magazine in SL award.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The People Behind The Avatars

Recently, I witness an incident at a popular SL shopping mall that compelled me to write about it.  It involved two ladies pushing baby carriages and minding their own business until messages started popping up in local chat that one of the babies was hungry. Then another message that one needed changing and if that wasn't enough, one of the ladies had a tummy talker telling her she needed a glass of milk.  Personally, I don't let things like that bother me, to each his or her own I say.  But there was a group of 5 people that had been filling my local chat screen with complaints about prices, derogatory statements about the merchandise and gossip about someone named "Sassy" and "Wolfgang" for a good half an hour.  This I ignored also, and kept shopping.  What I couldn't ignore was the group ganging up on the virtual mothers.  They called them everything from stupid idiots to mentally challenged.  One of the ladies told the group that she couldn't have children in RL and had waited 6 years through the adoption process only to find out her husband was dying of cancer and was no longer eligible to adopt. And then the ladies left.  I was surprised by the groups comments after.  Expecting them to continue their tirade, I almost left too, but one of them exclaimed, "They should make those prim babies IM in private and not in local but she taught me a lesson, not to judge. My RL Aunt could never have kids and it really made her sad, if she was still alive, she would have loved to have a baby in SL".  I smiled, as things like that help restore my faith in humanity, but it didn't end there.  The conversation was like a revelation of sorts for the group, each sharing stories of someone who is handicapped or disabled and living vicariously through SL.
I shared this story with the ISL group and was reminded of one of our earlier members.  Mike was a brilliant and accomplished writer who happened to be 450 lbs.  He had multiple health issues and worked from home.  In SL, he was fit and handsome and could do all the activities that he couldn't do in RL.  He found a SL girlfriend and had the virtual wedding and homestead.  ( Mike had a gastric bypass operation, lost 200lbs, regained his health and has left SL for many RL adventures.)
We never know what story lies behind the avatars we see everyday in SL.  Those who come in-world to hurt others and cause drama obviously have RL issues that have made them angry, hate-filled people and I'm sure there are a few psychotic's too but there are many in poor health, disabled, widowed, lonely, etc.,  people who try to bring a little normality to their lives through SL.
A common profile statement is "I don't mix SL with RL".  or "I keep RL and SL separate".  That's fine.  If you don't want to share your RL information or you escape RL with SL and for those reasons you keep them separate, that's your prerogative.  Most times, as we build strong bonds and friendships, RL slips into the conversations.  What state we are from, our occupations, marital status, etc.  Constant reminders that there are human beings behind each avatar.

The Innovative Second Life group is formed of RL writers, photographers, editors and publishers so we share information and like Mike, we know each other's personal lives as we share publications, print credits and RL accomplishments in our professional field.  Several month's ago, we planned a RL meet and greet.  We were lucky to find a date that worked into our busy schedules and everyone was able to attend but one (which we had on video chat for much of the weekend).  After awhile, it was apparent, that our SL and RL self's, were one in the same.  Jack was just as humorous as his avatar.  Nik dominated the conversation as she does in SL and Marcus pulled his clever pranks.

Before you judge anyone in SL, remember that it's a human and you don't know what their RL story is.

Innovative Second Life Group Meet & Greet - April 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Second Life Dublin Gets a Mesh Makeover

Starting with the Blarney Stone Bar, one of SL's oldest hang-out destinations.  The old prim building was replaced by mesh in early September.  The old Irish pub charm remains as it looks identical to the old Blarney Stone only now it's mesh. The Blarney Stone is a Second Life institution since 2006, it has been a popular hang out spot for many since it's opening.  The new upgrade will hopefully bring in a new generations of lads and lassies

The Blarney Stone Bar in Dublin

This is only the first step in making the entire Dublin sim mesh.  The streets of Dublin are filled with historical buildings like the Cathedral and Trinity College.  It will be an large project to change everything to mesh but we are excited to see the out come.

Trinity College in SL Dublin

Friday, September 11, 2015

Second Life Marketplace and The Death Of The Mom & Pop Shop

SL has changed in many ways since I first started in 2006.  I had played World of Warcraft and explored other virtual worlds before discovering Second Life.  But what made SL excel above the other's for me was the fact that it was created entirely from it's users and that you could actually make real money.  This had talented residents taking their real life interests and passions and creating content in SL to sell.  Clothing, skins and hair are something most every resident will buy at some point. AO's, houses and vehicles are also popular but those off the wall niche items kept SL interesting.  Mall's were full of stores and sim owners made a lot of lindens renting spaces. The larger companies or brands usually had a main store on their own land but the smaller stores or "mom and pop" stores gave the everyday creator a chance to make a little money as well and giving us unusual and fun products.  As the popularity of the SL Marketplace grew we watched the smaller stores start vanishing at an alarming rate.  Those who sold oddities and not your everyday items don't have as much success on Marketplace as they do in-world.  Take for instance the Human Bubble.  The in-world store had a demo and after trying it, it was a must have item.  How many times will anyone search for a human bubble in Marketplace? (Unless you saw someone else have it in-world)
Some of my favorite purchases were items I stumbled on while walking through a shopping mall or going to a club where I had to pass several shops to reach the entrance.  As more people started using Marketplace exclusively, shops were not making enough money to pay tier fee's.  SL's search engine had a small part in the mom & pop stores demise.  Traffic bots made many great stores get lost in the back pages while businesses with fake traffic were at the top of the list. Tag names in store descriptions were misleading and shoppers got frustrated looking through 10 shops before finally finding what they were looking for.  But the Marketplace is to blame for most of the store closings.

Pro's of the SL Marketplace:
Time-It is much faster to look on the Marketplace site then to search for and teleport,, then navigate through a store.
Descriptions: A more complete description of the product, features. prim count and permissions.
More Images- If a product is sold through a vendor poster, it is limited to how many images can be shown but on MP, they can upload many photo's that can be enlarged.
Payment Options: You can pay with either lindens from your in-world account or paypal.
Costumer Reviews: You can read other's experiences of the product.

Con's of the SL Marketplace:
Not as many residents shopping in-world therefore closing many shops and sims.  Many great sims offering entertainment from beaches to amusement parks relied on revenue from shops to stay running.
Costumer Reviews: Many times a customer will receive a product and not read the instructions and give the product a bad review due to their fault.  Or they can't comprehend the instructions and give a bad review.  Competitors have been known to create alts or have friends give bad reviews 
Products sold by MIA creators- There are creators that have put items on the Marketplace then are not online anymore.
Lindens Lab's Commission: LL receives a percentage of every item sold through Marketplace as opposed to in-world purchases.
Dated Products- There is no way of knowing when a product was created so it may have outdated scripts.
Limited and Confusing Search Categories - There needs to be more categories and better itemization.
For example, magazines being found in the Art category or food and drinks under Recreation.

I miss those small, unassuming Mom & Pop shops and the creations they brought to SL  I still stop into the small mall shops and make purchases to show my support but I wish there were still around.

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Happiest Place In Second Life

Magicland In Second Life

Walking into Magicland for the first time brought me back to my youth to the day my parents took me to Disneyland for the first time.  I was transformed back to that little boy that stared in wonder as we walked down Main Street USA.  Cinderella's castle loomed in the distance while my favorite Disney characters greeted us.  The attention to every detail is apparent at this well built tribute to Disneyland.  Magicland has wonderful replica's of Disneyland's most popular attractions.  The sights and sounds surrounding you enhances the experience.  Such as the "It's A Small World" ride. The operator tells you to keep your hands inside the boat at all times right before you go into the tunnel and the familiar song starts to play loudly. The Magicland Railroad gives you an audio tour into the past with a touch of humor and my favorite was the audio tour through the "Jungle Ride" with a cut-out of an actual tour guide with his very corny memorized dialog.  Made me laugh.  Visit Tomorrowland or Fantasyland, Ride the Tea Cups or the Matterhorn and be sure to stay for the nightly parade and fireworks over Cinderella's Castle.  Magicland will bring out the kid in you and for some, very happy memories.

The Tour Guide on the Magicland "Jungle Ride"

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Search For The Best Magazines In Second Life

The judges for the 2015 Innovative Second Life Media Awards have been working hard to look through every publication in Second Life.  As professional writers, photographers, editors and publishers in real life, we are all tough critics.  As much as we appreciate the efforts of anyone undertaking the task of publishing a monthly magazine, we have been underwhelmed by many. We have seen some mediocre photography, poor editing, badly written articles, inconsistency and amateur graphic designs. We have also seen amazing talent.  After careful deliberation, we have posted the nominees for this years awards.  Several editors/owners have sent our staff messages asking why their magazine was not nominated.  We compiled a list of requirements that we are judging.

**Prerequisites For An Outstanding Publication:
1. Professional photography. is a must.  Most anyone can take a photo of a person or thing against a Second Life sim background.  We want to see some effort.  Photo Shop editing, unusual windlight settings, shading, shadows, use of advanced photography tools, etc.
2. No repetitive photo's or content.  The same model, same background just different poses or angles page after page loses our interest fast.  Same with text such as stories, articles and interviews.  We do not want to read a novel.  We like informative content that has been summarized by highlighting major points of interest.
3.No Incomplete information: If an article is featuring a fashion designer, product or destination, We want to know how long have they been established. Where can the product or service be found, who to contact and is it offered in-world as well as Marketplace and price ranges.
4. Consistency: Monthly issues should be available each month without fail. Content and format should always be consistent.
5. Advertisement overload.  We understand that ad's are the only revenue for most magazines but no one enjoys looking at more ad's then content.
6. Self Promotion: An introduction page or a note from the editor or owner is important to let the reader know about you, your vision and direction of your magazine.  But we don't need 10 pages of your opinions or your photo in every article.
7. Professional Graphics. We are looking for original and creative page design.
8. Dated Content:  We are looking for current news and events, new products and destinations.  We don't want to read an article about something that been written about in dozens of publications already.  Date your publication! Volume 12 does not tell us if it was published in 2006 or in 2015.

We are looking for the best of the best.  The #1 best magazines in Fashion & Lifestyle, News and Current Events, Arts & Culture, Music, Adult Entertainment and Home & Garden.

Are you an aspiring editor or publisher?  Or do you already have a magazine or periodical and want help or advice elevating it to the highest standards?  Our qualified group is offering free consultation.
Drop a notecard in our mailbox at our office in-world.  We are located on the boardwalk of the beautiful ROYAL Sailing Club and Marina.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Second Life Renaissance Faire 2015

The fifth Renaissance Faire is a grid-wide Hunt and full-sim Faire, which takes place September 1-30. There are Renaissance, Medieval and Fantasy-themed gifts to find hidden all over the grid in nearly 75 participating shops. Enjoy the Faire with its food and drink, shopping, entertainment, dancing, and a mini-hunt! Wear a costume to the Masked Ball September 5th and win prizes!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Innovative Second Life 2015 Media Awards Nominees

This month is the Innovative SL's annual Media Awards to show our appreciation for all the creative and entertaining magazines and newspapers in SL.
Innovative Second Life was created as a collaborative group of real life writers, journalist, publishers, authors and editors who have joined together to explore and share excellent experiences in SL.  As our real life careers naturally draw us to the many magazines and newspapers offered in SL, we have joined with other qualified judges and media groups to award the best magazines and newspapers in Second Life.  We looked through over 40 publications the past few months and narrowed it down to 17 nominees for the 2015 awards.

The Innovative Second Life 2015 Awards Categories:
Fashion & Lifestyle
News & Current Events
Arts & Culture
Music and Entertainment
Home & Garden
Adult Content

2015 Magazine and Newspaper Nominees:
Inovare Magazine
L'Hommes Magazine
Dope Magazine
SL Enquirer
New World Notes
SL Newser
Windlight Magazine
rez Magazine
Cultured the Magazine
SL Goth
Nuvibez Magazine
Cizum Webzine
BOSL Magazine
LTD Magazine
AMM Life & Style Magazine
Busted Magazine
Playmates Magazine
Crush Magazine
Aroused Magazine

  Winner's will be announced September 26th.  Good luck to all of this years nominees!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Firestorm Viewer New Release and Anniversary

Several month's ago Linden Lab introduced the new VMM viewer (Viewer Managed Marketplace).  No longer could you access or manage your marketplace items through any third party viewer. This left many residents scrambling to download the official Second Life viewer
Good news for all those Firestorm Viewer user's. Firestorm has finally released version
The version is VMM capable and many of the bugs from the previous version has been fixed.  This comes at a perfect time as Firestorm is celebrating their 5th anniversary.  Join the celebration tomorrow Sept 3rd with a party and concert and remember to always clean your hard drive of all Firestorm download files before uploading the new version.

The SL Botanical Garden's - Natural Wonder

One of the most beautiful sims in Second Life is the SL Botanic Gardens.  The flora and fauna in this amazing sim features some of the best tree's, plants, flowers and landscaping from several of the most amazing creators in SL.  We have listed this as one of our top 10 Must See places in Second Life.  It is the perfect destination for a quiet, romantic evening with walkways and cuddle spots and many nooks for sitting and relaxing.  Take a ride in a gondola or sit by the tropical waterfalls. Reserve plenty of time to explore everything and take in all the beautiful nature this sim offers.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Second Life Alts - Who are you?

Most of us log on to Second Life to escape our real lives for awhile.  But some of us have created a third life or forth, fifth or sixth life.  Called "alt's".   When I created my first account or main account in 2006, I was drawn to building, creating, landscaping and eventually owning and renting land.  The more successful my business became the busier "Troy" was.  No longer could Troy enjoy a concert or an evening out with friends without getting messages from customers or questions about a rental.
Being a typical A type,  I couldn't ignore the requests and I take pride in my customer service so I would leave the event to take care of business.  That's when I decided that I needed a third life to escape my 1st and 2nd lives.  I created Alexx and told all my close friends that Troy was now strictly for business and Alexx is for fun.  I log into Troy's account first and take care of all business.  When I'm done, I log into Alexx to explore, go to my favorite clubs and hang out with friends. 
I do not and never have used my alt to deceive anyone but many people create alts to harass because they are cowards. In my 9 years in Second Life, I have seen many people deceptively use alts in one way or another. 
The members of ISL in-world did a survey and asked residents if they had an alt, why and how they feel about it.  47% said they did or have had an alt.  Some of those were people who just wanted to start over with a new account for one reason or another.  Few readily admitted they created an alt to harass someone but we have all witnessed it sometime in our SL's.
That brings us to spy tools that detect alts.  I personally have nothing to hide.  My profile clearly states that I have a work alt.  But I do not agree with an invasion of residents privacy at any length. 
Our survey respondents gave some very valid reasons for having alt's from breaking up with a long time partner and wanting to start over to being stalked or harassed and creating alt or new account.  Several had a different alt for different activities.  One particular story described having an alt that was Gorean only, another alt that is Fae, another alt for combat sims, a stripper/escort alt and a "regular" alt for everyday stuff.  Her reasoning was mainly inventory.  Each alt has clothing and items just for that RP character so she doesn't have to look through a large inventory and change skins and shapes.
So although many use alts to harass, they are many who don't.  Alt detection tools such as Red Zone, don't tell you the story behind the alt and some are to quick to judge.  It is an invasion of privacy.  Those who have family members that share a computer and in some cases even neighbors who share internet in an apartment building or duplex become targets of paranoid spies.
In some cases, an alt detection tool can be an important component to stop griefers but should be used only when needed and not for everyday spying on residents.
So maybe if you want to try something new in SL and don't want your accomplished and well known avatar being seen in a place like that * winks, you can just create an alt and participate in your darkest secret desires.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Second Life Red Light District

Things have changed a lot in SL since I started in 2006, but the one thing that will never change is the fact that sex is big business in-world.  Back in my starting days, I saw some very interesting and a few disturbing things that you don't see as much now. I have wrote about my first few weeks in SL as a hot blooded male, exploring free sex islands, strip clubs and escort services.  Some of those adventures made me question if Second Life was really a place I wanted to spend time in.  Old man avatars having sex with child avatars was one of them.  I did not see this just once, but several times.  At the time I didn't know about the AR button or that you could and should report such activities.
Since then Linden Lab has restricted adult contents to an adult community.  No longer will you see sex animated animals and dildo's sold next to household appliances and clothing.  One of the most popular adult content communities is "Amsterdam's Red Light District.  Here, residents can sell or buy sex, watch porn movies or pick up a hooker on the street.  Sex workers sit in red velvet lined open windows so potential customers can check out the goods before buying.  There are voice and webcam escort services and strip clubs with discrete back rooms. I interviewed one of the escorts to find out more about the Red Light District.  Kara R. aka BimboSlut was candid with her answers.

ISL: "Why would someone pay for sex in SL when there are many male and female residents willing to do it for free?
Bimbo:" Paying for sex gives the customer the power.  That's a turn on for many.  I do get men who ask me for a "freebie" but that isn't happening.  I have regular customers that see me once or twice a week.  One reason is that there are no strings attached.  They don't have to date me or chat me up.  They come pay me, tell me what they want and they get it.  I have one customer that is partnered or "married".  He loves his wife but the sex has become stale.  I am very discrete and he knows that I would never betray his trust."

ISL: "So do you do it for the thrill or the money?
Bimbo: "Both really.  I get to do things in SL that I would NEVER do in RL.  It's a turn on to have someone willing to pay you for sex.  I work hard to look good and my customers validate my hotness. LOL.

ISL: "What services do you offer? And if you don't mind me asking, How much money do you make on a weekly basis?
Bimbo: " I offer both IM chat and voice chat.  I don't have many role play limits. However, I won't be caged or shackled for any longer than the time they have paid for. And of course no permanent death.
The amount of money I make varies from week to week.  Some weeks I can make $100-500 USD and some weeks I barely make enough to pay my tier fee's.  I use to offer webcam services and I made over $1,000 USD in one week.  But I had a stalker that really scared me.  He tried everything to find me in RL.  He used facial recognition software with my webcam pictures.  I decided that it wasn't safe to webcam anymore and not worth the money to be stalked and possibly harmed in RL".

ISL: "What is the biggest allure to the Red Light District?"
Bimbo: "LOL, sex of course!  I know what you mean *smiles.  It's a combination of things.  The whole atmosphere is so hot.  It just draws you in.  Seeing the large XXX and SEX neon signs and the sexy woman in the window boxes. What drew me to the escort service I work for now was a really sexy woman who was standing at the door calling people to come inside for a show and some dancing.  She sent me an IM and asked if I wanted to come in and hang out.  She told me I was stunning and offered me a job. I have been there ever since  We take turns "door sitting".  We try to engage with everyone walking down the sidewalks.  We aren't standing there selling anything, just offering people a fun place to hang out, listen to music, dance and have a look at the "goods" we offer. Amsterdam Red Light District is just so exciting and naughty and that's what draws people in".

ISL: "Do you get many griefers or protesters?"
Bimbo: "Oh sure.  You get that everywhere in SL. We had a group come in once handing out notecards with Bible scriptures on them and asking if we had accepted Jesus Christ as our lord and savior.  All you can do is boot them and ban them.  I have had my fair share of assholes but most people are there to get turned on and laid.  I mean, SL sex is safe sex.  No matter what anyone does to you in SL it can't hurt you in RL.  No diseases, no STD's, no scars. And we are human and we need sex, it's a part of our nature. The ARLD is a place that people know they are sure to get sex.without the hassle of getting turned down.  When stupid, immature avi's come and act like fools, the people who are there to have a good time usually shut them down fast.  No one wants their good time ruined by a joker.  And management is quick to ban anyone not following the rules."

So if your feeling horny or just curious, go check out Amsterdam Red Light District. and bring some Lindens with you and as BimboSlut says "help a hooker go to college".  Peek times are weekends and evenings.  On a few occasions while "researching" for this article, I found the sim pretty empty but on a Saturday night, it was hustling." (Pun intended)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Relay For Life in Second Life July 18-19

Put on your running shoes and join thousands of SL residents in one of the biggest fund raising events for the fight against cancer.  This weekend July 18-19.  This years theme is "The Future Is Now".  The relay track is made up on 40 sims and teams have constructed amazing builds along the way to reflect this years theme.  This is the 10th anniversary of RFL in SL.  Our residents have raised over 2.5 Million US dollars since the first RFL in SL event in 2005.  There will be donation kiosks along the track and you are encouraged to give what you can.  Be sure you are donating to official RFL kiosks by checking the creator.  Official RFL kiosks creator is relayforlife AmericanCancer.
Below is the schedule for this weekends celebration.

Saturday, July 18, 2015
10:00 AM   Opening Ceremony
11:00 AM    Survivor/Caregiver – CELEBRATE
12:30 PM    Teams Lap
2:00 PM      Crazy Hats & Hair
3:00 PM      Movies & Musicals
4:00 PM      Holiday Road
5:00 PM      Hawaiian Beach Party
6:00 PM      Space Cadets Fight Cancer Too
7:00 PM      Health Matters
8:00 PM      Purple Power
9:00 PM      Luminaria Ceremony – REMEMBER
10:00 PM    Meet & Make A New Friend
11:00 PM    Your Relay Heritage
MIDNIGHT  The Random Hour
Sunday, July 19, 2015
1:00 AM      Get Active – Sports !
2:00 AM      The 60’s
3:00 AM      Hoppy Ball Bounce
4:00 AM      Relay Around The World
5:00 AM      Heroes – Every Day & Super
6:00 AM      FIGHT BACK
7:00 AM      Happy More Birthdays
8:00 AM      Coffee, Tea, or Relay
9:00 AM      Formal Hour
10:00 AM    Closing Ceremonies
11:00 AM    Victory Lap!  – Walk the track and meet the Relay Committee.  Celebrate YOUR Relay.  Take THAT, Cancer!
12:30 PM    RAFFLE Draw!
1:00 PM     SILENT AUCTION Closes!
2:00 PM     Enjoy Walking the Track and Visiting the Builds

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4th of July Celebrations

Beat the heat, the crowds, mosquito bites and the smell of burning hair this 4th of July and celebrate Independence Day in Second Life! Hundreds of sims will be having parties, picnics and of course fireworks.  Last year we went to Main Street USA and raced potato sacks, entered a pie eating contest and watched a parade.  This year we are celebrating with a backyard BBQ and fireworks display.
Virtual fireworks are quite a spectacle.  DeCuir Creations has been the leading producer of outstanding fireworks displays in SL for years.  Arrange your display with an easy to use HUD.  The finale is amazing.
DeCuir Creations Fireworks Display

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Support SL's Live Music !!!!

Last year I wrote a post about my favorite Second Life live performers. I got a ton of mail suggesting this band or that singer.  It is true that it was unfair to title the post "Best SL Live Performers" since I had not seen/heard ALL live performers in SL.  This said, I will list some of my personal favorites and update them as needed.
If you have never been to a live performance in Second Life, you need to go see a popular band or singer and enjoy a live concert in the comfort of your own home.  I have come across some amazing talent that just blew me away.  A truly enjoyable experience.  Today is the last day to go see some of these amazing talents at Lavender Fields at the SL Music Fest.  I will be posting a list of my Must-See bands and singers soon.

A Live Concert in Second Life

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Good-Bye Ruth

Recently, I convinced a female friend of mine to try out Second Life.  I sat beside her to guide her through the sign up and log in process.  I knew that the old Ruth was replaced with a choice of mesh avatars, but I didn't realize how bad they looked or how difficult they were to work with.  Her first words were "Eww, I'm so ugly and this dress is horrible".  Ok, it's a freebie and Ruth was no Miss America.  But Ruth was totally customizable.  With some effort you could change the shape and face completely and then get a new skin, hair and some clothing.  You could always find a bargain or sale and with minimal cost, you could look half way decent.  These new mesh starter avatars do not have the shape changing options and you can not wear regular clothes and the mesh options in the library are not very good.  No alpha layers so they are all ill fitting and don't get me started on the shoes.  I always find that it's easiest when you first start a new avatar to buy a "Complete Avatar" set.  One that's not expensive but still looks good enough not to get ribbed at clubs as a Noob.  So we got on MP and found a very pretty complete avatar without hair for L$200.00 from Noya Designs.  We found some nice hair and began the transformation.  You can not put on the regular shape and skin over the starter mesh avatars and you can not take off the mesh avatar.  Your only option is to Ruth! In Avatar Appearance, Test Character, Female.  Only then were we allowed to wear the Noya shape and skin.  This makes me worry about new comers to SL.  I have been on SL for years, but if I had just started with no knowledge at all.  I would be lost and turned off.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Racing for Pink Slips

If your looking for a thrilling SL experience.  Try auto or bike racing.  There are plenty of competitive race tracks with daily races.  Racer's Islands has 10 racing tracks and Cash Prizes. 2Raw Extreme has 15 race tracks. Race both cars and motorcycles there.  WB Motorsports offers a racing league with track and off road races.  Sturgis and Motor World both are motorcycle racing only.  All raceways have plenty of shops to buy cars, motorcycles and gear and some offer free demo cars you can race for free or to try before you buy.  It takes some practice but once you have mastered your vehicle racing is an exciting experience.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Fantasy Faire 2015

It's time for the Second Life Fantasy Faire!  This is a must see event that covers 13 regions.  Creators and artists have transformed the terrain into a land of mystical fantasy.  This is a celebration of fantasy art and shows off SL creations at it's finest.  Fantasy Faire runs from April 23rd to May 3rd and benefits the American Cancer Society.  Go to the magical abyss and beyond.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

SL Tombstone AZ- A Role Playing Cowboys Dream

Occasionally, I like to step out of my business suit and do some active role play.  I prefer combat sims and historical replica's.  With SL's Tombstone AZ, I get both.  Years back, when I first went to Tombstone, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  The first thing I noticed was the strict dress code.  You must dress in 1800's western wear.  There was some free clothing options but I decided to go all out.  With my boots, spurs and cowboy hat I entered Tombstone as a wild west wrangler.  I got on my horse and rode around the 9 connected sims.  The town of Pierce was crowded with nice folks willing to be helpful to a lone stranger.  Then I heard someone challenge another to a duel.  Oh boy!  We all rode over to Two Guns and a gunfight ensued.  I had a blast (pun intended).  Now days Tombstone is still active.  When I went back a few weeks ago, little has changed in the towns but it was not as crowded as it was years ago.  I went to Two Guns for some good old fashioned gun slinging.  There were a few cow pokes who cornered me in a shoot out.  I hid behind some barrels and started firing back.  Good times.  Beware.  There are rules and griefing is not tolerated but for some good ol western fun this is the place to go.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Second Life Porn

When I first started Second Life.  I was curious as any hot blooded male and spent a good month going to the strip clubs, free sex island, escort services, etc.  Fun times but my interest was in building and eventually owning and renting land.  I appreciate the art and creation in SL.  One day I met a stunningly beautiful woman named Jennnnna Jameson (changed to Emmanuel Jameson). She knew I had a crush on a friend of hers so she helped me shop and basically styled me for my date.  She was intelligent and talented and just happened to be one of SL's biggest porn stars.  She introduced to the art of Second Life porn movies.  This is truly an art form and there are some very imaginative and well made movies acted and directed in SL.
I am not affiliated with nor am I in the SL pornography field.  I am just an admirer of great talent.

BE AWARE! Only view porn movies on a trusted sites.  If you type in Second Life Porn Movies in Google search, you will get tons of sites to view or download.  Some of these such as have viruses that will affect your computer.

I recommend going to the "The Sexiest: Porn Stars Blog" for great links to hundreds of movies.
Naughty Machinima,  X-Tube or  XVideo.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Attention SL Hunt Fans!

Eggapolooza Spring Egg Hunt is going on now until May 1st.  Hundreds of prizes can be found in the 4 regions of Aero Pines Park.  You can ride your bikes, scooters, motorcycles, walk or horseback ride to collect the Easter eggs filled with great prizes.  Everyone is welcome.   This is a great activity for families or get a group of friends together for some fun.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yes, This Is Innovative SL Blog!

I have had emails and several messages in-world about the blog I started in 2006.  I have deleted that blog and started this new one.  Same content, different blog.  I had 3 administrators on the ISL blog that had written some derogatory remarks about people and places in Second Life that I did not approve.  My blog was intended to inform and entertain.  To give you fun adventures to explore, great products to try and recognition to SL's great creators and residents.  From time to time I have and will continue to warn residents against scams and rip-off's but this is meant to be helpful, not hurtful.
Instead of deleting posts and removing administrators from the old blog, I decided it was time to start fresh.  Thank you to all those that followed the old blog and welcome to our new beginnings.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tips For Renting Land in Second Life

Renting your first piece of land or homestead can be a little intimidating.  The market is saturated with rentals of all kinds.  So where do you start?  First, shop around.  Don't rent the first place that strikes your fancy.  Compare prices, sizes and most important, prim allowances. There are many things to consider when renting land in SL.  Here is a list:

1. Environment.  Do you dream of living on a tropical island or prefer to be surrounded by mountains and snow?  Do you want an ocean front view or access to ski slopes?  Do you want a beach just for swimming or an open water source for boating or surfing?

2. Community. Do you want a PG or Adult community?  If your looking for a nice community to raise a family, there are many PG rated sims that are family oriented.  They offer the house with white picket fence, parks and schools for the kids, shopping and family entertainment areas.  A Main Street USA kind of feel to it.  These sims have strict rules against nudity, language, sexual behaviors, etc.  So if your planning on having skinny dip parties in your back yard pool, or orgies, you may want to rent in an adult or moderate rated sim.

3. Privacy.  If you don't want neighbors right next to you or just want your own little piece of paradise, look for small island rentals.  Usually spaced out on large bodies of water, these private islands vary in size and price.  Most prices are not much higher than any land parcel.  For instance, renting a 2048 private island is usually the same price as renting a 2048 with water access.

4. What are your plans for the land?  If your renting land to build a home, you want a residential parcel.  If you plan to open a store or build a mall, you want a commercial parcel.  Some sims offer both residential and commercial options.  Keep in mind that someone can build a store next door to your home that could bring unwanted traffic and lag.  Also if your planning on building a high rise apartment complex, check the land covenant about height restrictions.  You may plan on renting land and subdividing it into rentals.  Most residential sim owners won't allow this since its a business.  It's a good idea to ask the landlord about subdividing before renting.

5.Always read the covenant.  This is a list of rules when renting land.


1. How long have you been in business?  Always rent from a reputable land owner.  Many people buy land with the intent to rent out all the parcels to meet their monthly payment.  From lack of advertisement, too high prices or poor construction, they end up with an empty sim and a high payment.  After paying out of pocket for months without success, they bail and sell the land.  If you are one of the few residents they have, you are forced to move.

2. How many visitors are allowed?  You just built your beautiful home and invite all your friends over for a party or you completed a badass club and advertise your grand opening and as quests start tp'ing in they suddenly get a message that the sim is over crowded!  The size of your parcel does not matter.  You could have 1/4 sim with a 20 person limit or a 1024 with a 75 person limit.

3. Script Allowance?  This is important to know if you plan on having heavy scripted items such as breedables, pets or scripted children.

4. Owner or Group?  Some parcels are group owned.  You must be a member of the group to rez and if you plan to have a partner live with you they must also have a group tag.  Some parcels give you full owners rights.  Rights to deed it to a group, rename the parcel, add the parcel in search, etc.

5. Prim Allowance?  Know how many prims are allowed and what happens if you go over your prims.  On some parcels, if you try to go over your prim allowance, you receive a message that the item cannot be rezzed due to too many prims and some allow you to rez only to have an auto return send it back minutes later.  If it is a no copy item, many times it gets eaten by SL and you never see it again.  You can also ask if extra prims are available for purchase.

6. Security?  If you plan to have a home and don't want intruders, you will probably want to set up a security system or ban lines.  Some land owners do not allow ban lines.  So check first before renting

Land For Rent

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Get dressed up and dance at Bogarts Jazz Club

Ok most men in SL don't care too much about dressing up.  Most of my male friends tend to wear the same clothes everyday or switch between 2-3 different looks.  But I haven't met a woman yet that didn't love a reason to go out and buy a new evening gown.  Then with the gown, they need to go shopping for matching shoes, a new hair style, jewelry and so on.  It's like Christmas!
One of the best jazz clubs in SL is Bogart's Jazz Club at Franks Place.  Formal wear is required so it's the perfect date destination.  Bogart's is sure to impress with it's grand ballroom and entertainment.  Great D.J's pump out cool jazz and fantastic live performances are scheduled daily.
Franks Place 3 (81, 131, 23)

The Entrance to Bogart's Jazz Club at Franks Place
Inside the Grand Ballroom

Blake Sea & United Sailing Sims

Blake Sea and the United Sailing Sims are protected nautilus continents in Second Life made of 180 sims.  Open seas for boating and sailing, including a battleship sim, many marina's and boat/yacht slip rentals.  There are airports, cities and water sport activities.  There is a rez zone so you can sail your boats.  Most sims have access to the open waters and land rentals include slips.  If your into aviation, there are several airports including The Hollywood Airport, Second Norway, Forkbeard, SLGR and Second Life International Airport just to name a few.
If you have ever dreamed of living on a tropical island you can find the perfect ocean front home here.  Seychelles Isles Estates Yacht Club and Weston Marina offer rental homes that include a free boat slip and access to Blake Sea.  The sims connected to Blake Sea and the Untied Sailing sims offer the best waves in SL for surfing and beautiful corral reefs for scuba diving.
The Dolphin Club & Marina

Welcome to Innovative Second Life

Innovative Second Life is a blog about everything excellent in the virtual world of SL.  Places to see, things to do and great creations.  From time to time I will also post things to avoid in SL.  I will include family friendly sims and activities as well as adult content.

                                                                        Blake Sea