Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gay Pride in Second Life

"Second Pride" is an organization formed in Second Life to bring the LGBT Community together and raise awareness to the issues the "gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community faces each day in real life and the virtual world.
Second Pride was created not only to bring the LGBT community together but also to educate people about the fight for human rights.
The Second Pride group is led by an elected committee that works with Amnesty International and their "Outfront" project.  Amnesty International is not just a RL charity organization, but an organization that also has a presence in SL.  Amnesty International fights for human rights around the world.  Anyone can join the Second Pride group regardless of sexual orientation.  There are members who are not gay but are advocates of equality for everyone.
There are several LGBT community's in Second Life.  Boystown is one of the most popular spanning 11 regions.  Called the gay urban capital of SL, Boystown sims hosts a number of popular clubs and entertainment venues such as Skate Town, The Dude Ranch, DARKbar and Steamworkz, A men's only bath house to name a few as well as homes to rent.
Nylonia is a land for feminine girls & tigirls only. Nylonia offers shopping, beaches, clubs, pools, cafes and more.
Cedar Creek State Park is an all-male sim featuring outdoor activities all set in a mountainous state park setting. The sim offers inexpensive rental cottages, perfect for new comers to Second Life. There's also a night club and lots of weekly activities for residents and visitors. Come and visit the park and become part of the Cedar Creek experience.
Lost Paradise is an island for all who want a nice and romantic place. It's an adult island for gay, lesbian and straight with parties, a beach house, jazz, rock, ballrooms and many other options.
Adonis Heights is comprise of residential and commercial properties for LGBT Community.
EDEN is a dance club exclusively for women. There's also shops, a temple for meditation, a romantic area and a castle for more private moments.
The Gay Archipelago is an international region of Second Life consisting of 148 sims today which share traffic, conduct archipelago-wide events, and welcome LGBT newcomers to Second Life. The Gay Archipelago (GA) includes a variety of content, including business, shopping, entertainment, role playing, and services for the gay Second Life community. Linden Labs recently gave the Gay Archipelago its own region allowing it to expand and remain focused on and for the LGBT community.
The above mentioned are just a few of the many LBGT community's, clubs, stores and residential areas in Second Life.
June is  "Gay Pride Month" with activities and fund-raisers across the grid.  One of the most popular activities is the Pride Parade in London City. A colorful parade that runs through the streets of London City with daily events and live performers.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


If your web browser security TSL( Transport Layer Security) or also known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is using 1.0 or an earlier version, you will not be able to access the cashier to send, receive or exchange lindens $L's. You must update your browser to support 1.2 before June 15th, 2016.
If you are not sure what version of security your browser is using and want to see if it will support SL's cashier simply use this link below to find out.  This website automatically detects which version you are using and analyzes your TSL/SSL client and will let you know if it is up to date or if it's unsafe:

You will also need to use the latest version of the Second Life viewer or Firestorm 4.7.7.  If you use a different 3rd party viewer, check their website to insure that they support the new changes.

Why You Need To Update Your Web Browser & SL Viewer:
Updating your web browser and SL viewer will secure encryption protocol. Older versions will not support the ephemeral key cipher suites.  These protect against spyware programs.  Adversaries that gather large amounts of traffic and then use it to attack your computer.  Session ticket support is used to speed up encrypted communications between the client and server like your passwords and other private information without exposing it to spyware and other attackers that may be tapping your line.  The newest versions of the SL Viewer and Firestorm Viewer supports the updated TSL which the protocols provides a more secure HTTPS for internet transactions between the web browser and the SL servers thus making your cashier transaction and log in information more secure.

TSL/SSL is not automatically built into all browser nor does it automatically update on all browsers.
However, the TSL/SSL is implemented in all versions of Windows.
To be sure your browsers has TSL installed consider using one of these popular browsers:
Internet Explorer
MS Edge