Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Innovative Second Life 2016 Media Awards Nominees

    This month is the Innovative SL's 4th annual Magazine & Media Awards to show our appreciation for all the creative and entertaining magazines, webzines and newspapers in SL.
Innovative Second Life was created as a collaborative group of real life writers, journalist, publishers, authors and editors who have joined together to explore and share excellent experiences in SL.  As our real life careers naturally draw us to the many magazines and newspapers offered in SL, we have joined with other qualified judges and media groups to award the best magazines and newspapers in Second Life.  Through my years in Second Life, we have seen many magazines and periodicals come and go.  Some of our all time favorites are no longer in publication.  This year we have seen the end of several popular magazines and webzines but the beginnings of new ones.
We looked through dozens of publications the past few months and narrowed down our nominees for the 2016 awards.

The Innovative Second Life 2016 Awards Categories:
Fashion & Lifestyle
News & Current Events
Arts & Culture
Home & Garden
Adult Content

2016 Magazine, Webzine and Newspaper Nominees:
Eclipse Magazine
L'Hommes Magazine
Dope Magazine
Attention Magazine
SL Enquirer
New World Notes
SL Newser
Kultavate Magazine
rez Magazine
Nu Vibez
BOSL Magazine
LTD Magazine
SL Connoisseur Magazine
Brit-X Magazine
Playmates Magazine
Aroused Magazine

  Winner's will be announced September 30th.  Good luck to all of this years nominees!

New Improved SL Marketplace

Several months ago we reported about resident's most troublesome problems concerning SL's Marketplace.  Their search engine was the biggest complaint.  Type in say "apple" and everything from clothing, weapons to designer's that have the word apple in their names would show up.  Even choosing the correct category didn't help much.
Finally, after months in beta stage, the new and improved marketplace is up and running.  Linden Lab has updated the old infrastructure that was supporting search. "Part of the new search is a learning algorithm that will further improve search results with time - the more it’s used, the better it performs." 
You can now use words like "not" or "and" in the description to better your search.  LL claims that the new and improved infrastructure will be faster and more accurate for a better marketplace.  This is good news for both the resident shopper and merchants.