Friday, July 24, 2015

Second Life Red Light District

Things have changed a lot in SL since I started in 2006, but the one thing that will never change is the fact that sex is big business in-world.  Back in my starting days, I saw some very interesting and a few disturbing things that you don't see as much now. I have wrote about my first few weeks in SL as a hot blooded male, exploring free sex islands, strip clubs and escort services.  Some of those adventures made me question if Second Life was really a place I wanted to spend time in.  Old man avatars having sex with child avatars was one of them.  I did not see this just once, but several times.  At the time I didn't know about the AR button or that you could and should report such activities.
Since then Linden Lab has restricted adult contents to an adult community.  No longer will you see sex animated animals and dildo's sold next to household appliances and clothing.  One of the most popular adult content communities is "Amsterdam's Red Light District.  Here, residents can sell or buy sex, watch porn movies or pick up a hooker on the street.  Sex workers sit in red velvet lined open windows so potential customers can check out the goods before buying.  There are voice and webcam escort services and strip clubs with discrete back rooms. I interviewed one of the escorts to find out more about the Red Light District.  Kara R. aka BimboSlut was candid with her answers.

ISL: "Why would someone pay for sex in SL when there are many male and female residents willing to do it for free?
Bimbo:" Paying for sex gives the customer the power.  That's a turn on for many.  I do get men who ask me for a "freebie" but that isn't happening.  I have regular customers that see me once or twice a week.  One reason is that there are no strings attached.  They don't have to date me or chat me up.  They come pay me, tell me what they want and they get it.  I have one customer that is partnered or "married".  He loves his wife but the sex has become stale.  I am very discrete and he knows that I would never betray his trust."

ISL: "So do you do it for the thrill or the money?
Bimbo: "Both really.  I get to do things in SL that I would NEVER do in RL.  It's a turn on to have someone willing to pay you for sex.  I work hard to look good and my customers validate my hotness. LOL.

ISL: "What services do you offer? And if you don't mind me asking, How much money do you make on a weekly basis?
Bimbo: " I offer both IM chat and voice chat.  I don't have many role play limits. However, I won't be caged or shackled for any longer than the time they have paid for. And of course no permanent death.
The amount of money I make varies from week to week.  Some weeks I can make $100-500 USD and some weeks I barely make enough to pay my tier fee's.  I use to offer webcam services and I made over $1,000 USD in one week.  But I had a stalker that really scared me.  He tried everything to find me in RL.  He used facial recognition software with my webcam pictures.  I decided that it wasn't safe to webcam anymore and not worth the money to be stalked and possibly harmed in RL".

ISL: "What is the biggest allure to the Red Light District?"
Bimbo: "LOL, sex of course!  I know what you mean *smiles.  It's a combination of things.  The whole atmosphere is so hot.  It just draws you in.  Seeing the large XXX and SEX neon signs and the sexy woman in the window boxes. What drew me to the escort service I work for now was a really sexy woman who was standing at the door calling people to come inside for a show and some dancing.  She sent me an IM and asked if I wanted to come in and hang out.  She told me I was stunning and offered me a job. I have been there ever since  We take turns "door sitting".  We try to engage with everyone walking down the sidewalks.  We aren't standing there selling anything, just offering people a fun place to hang out, listen to music, dance and have a look at the "goods" we offer. Amsterdam Red Light District is just so exciting and naughty and that's what draws people in".

ISL: "Do you get many griefers or protesters?"
Bimbo: "Oh sure.  You get that everywhere in SL. We had a group come in once handing out notecards with Bible scriptures on them and asking if we had accepted Jesus Christ as our lord and savior.  All you can do is boot them and ban them.  I have had my fair share of assholes but most people are there to get turned on and laid.  I mean, SL sex is safe sex.  No matter what anyone does to you in SL it can't hurt you in RL.  No diseases, no STD's, no scars. And we are human and we need sex, it's a part of our nature. The ARLD is a place that people know they are sure to get sex.without the hassle of getting turned down.  When stupid, immature avi's come and act like fools, the people who are there to have a good time usually shut them down fast.  No one wants their good time ruined by a joker.  And management is quick to ban anyone not following the rules."

So if your feeling horny or just curious, go check out Amsterdam Red Light District. and bring some Lindens with you and as BimboSlut says "help a hooker go to college".  Peek times are weekends and evenings.  On a few occasions while "researching" for this article, I found the sim pretty empty but on a Saturday night, it was hustling." (Pun intended)

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