Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Search For The Best Magazines In Second Life

The judges for the 2015 Innovative Second Life Media Awards have been working hard to look through every publication in Second Life.  As professional writers, photographers, editors and publishers in real life, we are all tough critics.  As much as we appreciate the efforts of anyone undertaking the task of publishing a monthly magazine, we have been underwhelmed by many. We have seen some mediocre photography, poor editing, badly written articles, inconsistency and amateur graphic designs. We have also seen amazing talent.  After careful deliberation, we have posted the nominees for this years awards.  Several editors/owners have sent our staff messages asking why their magazine was not nominated.  We compiled a list of requirements that we are judging.

**Prerequisites For An Outstanding Publication:
1. Professional photography. is a must.  Most anyone can take a photo of a person or thing against a Second Life sim background.  We want to see some effort.  Photo Shop editing, unusual windlight settings, shading, shadows, use of advanced photography tools, etc.
2. No repetitive photo's or content.  The same model, same background just different poses or angles page after page loses our interest fast.  Same with text such as stories, articles and interviews.  We do not want to read a novel.  We like informative content that has been summarized by highlighting major points of interest.
3.No Incomplete information: If an article is featuring a fashion designer, product or destination, We want to know how long have they been established. Where can the product or service be found, who to contact and is it offered in-world as well as Marketplace and price ranges.
4. Consistency: Monthly issues should be available each month without fail. Content and format should always be consistent.
5. Advertisement overload.  We understand that ad's are the only revenue for most magazines but no one enjoys looking at more ad's then content.
6. Self Promotion: An introduction page or a note from the editor or owner is important to let the reader know about you, your vision and direction of your magazine.  But we don't need 10 pages of your opinions or your photo in every article.
7. Professional Graphics. We are looking for original and creative page design.
8. Dated Content:  We are looking for current news and events, new products and destinations.  We don't want to read an article about something that been written about in dozens of publications already.  Date your publication! Volume 12 does not tell us if it was published in 2006 or in 2015.

We are looking for the best of the best.  The #1 best magazines in Fashion & Lifestyle, News and Current Events, Arts & Culture, Music, Adult Entertainment and Home & Garden.

Are you an aspiring editor or publisher?  Or do you already have a magazine or periodical and want help or advice elevating it to the highest standards?  Our qualified group is offering free consultation.
Drop a notecard in our mailbox at our office in-world.  We are located on the boardwalk of the beautiful ROYAL Sailing Club and Marina.

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