Friday, March 20, 2015

Tips For Renting Land in Second Life

Renting your first piece of land or homestead can be a little intimidating.  The market is saturated with rentals of all kinds.  So where do you start?  First, shop around.  Don't rent the first place that strikes your fancy.  Compare prices, sizes and most important, prim allowances. There are many things to consider when renting land in SL.  Here is a list:

1. Environment.  Do you dream of living on a tropical island or prefer to be surrounded by mountains and snow?  Do you want an ocean front view or access to ski slopes?  Do you want a beach just for swimming or an open water source for boating or surfing?

2. Community. Do you want a PG or Adult community?  If your looking for a nice community to raise a family, there are many PG rated sims that are family oriented.  They offer the house with white picket fence, parks and schools for the kids, shopping and family entertainment areas.  A Main Street USA kind of feel to it.  These sims have strict rules against nudity, language, sexual behaviors, etc.  So if your planning on having skinny dip parties in your back yard pool, or orgies, you may want to rent in an adult or moderate rated sim.

3. Privacy.  If you don't want neighbors right next to you or just want your own little piece of paradise, look for small island rentals.  Usually spaced out on large bodies of water, these private islands vary in size and price.  Most prices are not much higher than any land parcel.  For instance, renting a 2048 private island is usually the same price as renting a 2048 with water access.

4. What are your plans for the land?  If your renting land to build a home, you want a residential parcel.  If you plan to open a store or build a mall, you want a commercial parcel.  Some sims offer both residential and commercial options.  Keep in mind that someone can build a store next door to your home that could bring unwanted traffic and lag.  Also if your planning on building a high rise apartment complex, check the land covenant about height restrictions.  You may plan on renting land and subdividing it into rentals.  Most residential sim owners won't allow this since its a business.  It's a good idea to ask the landlord about subdividing before renting.

5.Always read the covenant.  This is a list of rules when renting land.


1. How long have you been in business?  Always rent from a reputable land owner.  Many people buy land with the intent to rent out all the parcels to meet their monthly payment.  From lack of advertisement, too high prices or poor construction, they end up with an empty sim and a high payment.  After paying out of pocket for months without success, they bail and sell the land.  If you are one of the few residents they have, you are forced to move.

2. How many visitors are allowed?  You just built your beautiful home and invite all your friends over for a party or you completed a badass club and advertise your grand opening and as quests start tp'ing in they suddenly get a message that the sim is over crowded!  The size of your parcel does not matter.  You could have 1/4 sim with a 20 person limit or a 1024 with a 75 person limit.

3. Script Allowance?  This is important to know if you plan on having heavy scripted items such as breedables, pets or scripted children.

4. Owner or Group?  Some parcels are group owned.  You must be a member of the group to rez and if you plan to have a partner live with you they must also have a group tag.  Some parcels give you full owners rights.  Rights to deed it to a group, rename the parcel, add the parcel in search, etc.

5. Prim Allowance?  Know how many prims are allowed and what happens if you go over your prims.  On some parcels, if you try to go over your prim allowance, you receive a message that the item cannot be rezzed due to too many prims and some allow you to rez only to have an auto return send it back minutes later.  If it is a no copy item, many times it gets eaten by SL and you never see it again.  You can also ask if extra prims are available for purchase.

6. Security?  If you plan to have a home and don't want intruders, you will probably want to set up a security system or ban lines.  Some land owners do not allow ban lines.  So check first before renting

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