Sunday, April 19, 2015

SL Tombstone AZ- A Role Playing Cowboys Dream

Occasionally, I like to step out of my business suit and do some active role play.  I prefer combat sims and historical replica's.  With SL's Tombstone AZ, I get both.  Years back, when I first went to Tombstone, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  The first thing I noticed was the strict dress code.  You must dress in 1800's western wear.  There was some free clothing options but I decided to go all out.  With my boots, spurs and cowboy hat I entered Tombstone as a wild west wrangler.  I got on my horse and rode around the 9 connected sims.  The town of Pierce was crowded with nice folks willing to be helpful to a lone stranger.  Then I heard someone challenge another to a duel.  Oh boy!  We all rode over to Two Guns and a gunfight ensued.  I had a blast (pun intended).  Now days Tombstone is still active.  When I went back a few weeks ago, little has changed in the towns but it was not as crowded as it was years ago.  I went to Two Guns for some good old fashioned gun slinging.  There were a few cow pokes who cornered me in a shoot out.  I hid behind some barrels and started firing back.  Good times.  Beware.  There are rules and griefing is not tolerated but for some good ol western fun this is the place to go.

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