Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Haunting In Second Life

Fog rolls over the swampy land while the wind howls through the tree's.  A shadow looms in the distance and a chill runs up your spine.  The shadow moves closer and even through the thick forest you can see the glowing of it's eyes.  Smell the stench of evil. Then you realize, your in Second Life and nothing can hurt you here...or can it? Muaahhhahhhahh.

Second Life haunts can be just as scary as real life ones.  Set your environmental settings recommended by each haunted place , turn your sound up then go to mouselook and get scared silly.

Here are some of our favorite SL Haunts:

The Forgotten:
A full sim of interactive scares. Teleport through the portal and be careful or they send you straight to hell.  The haunted house has a variety of things to touch and explore if you dare. Come at 6pm for a true experience when the un-dead staff scare you to death.  There are a lot of things to see and do and it's best enjoyed with some friends.  A truly scary experience.

NC's Halloween & Haunted Mansion Rides:
Ride through the haunted house and swamps. The ride spits you out into a forest with some pretty cool effects. the foggy forest has eerie things around every corner, tree's with blinking eyes,
go crazy and end up in the asylum with interactive scares or get chased by zombies through the village.

Haunted :
Ride the train through spooky swamps and a haunted beach or stop at the evil carnival with it's wicked roller coaster ride, the spook house ride or encounter the creepiest clown you ever saw. Take a balloon tour over the haunted sim and enjoy the interactive haunted house and scares everywhere.

DarkDharma Haunted Mansion & Forest:
Very clever animated spooks, swinging chandeliers, hands reaching from the oven and the butcher waving a bloody meat clever while his victim hangs withering in agony. behind every door is a creepy animated scene sure to give you the shivers.

Heart Of Darkness:
The pink and black night sky reflects off the river, cross the bride into the forest and over to the scary carnival, the haunted house has spooks and flying scares around every turn.

Scared to Death Haunted House Ride by Jenniferbugg Blackflag:
Scared To Death Ride is not open as of this publishing but will be opening soon.  It has been a Halloween favorite for years and each October it gets better and better.  The ride takes you through a long journey of horrors with the best graphics and animations in SL.  A lot work and dedication goes into this amazing ride.  It will really blow you away.  Help get Scared To Death Ride running for 2015 by donating at one of their donation stations.