Thursday, March 19, 2015

Get dressed up and dance at Bogarts Jazz Club

Ok most men in SL don't care too much about dressing up.  Most of my male friends tend to wear the same clothes everyday or switch between 2-3 different looks.  But I haven't met a woman yet that didn't love a reason to go out and buy a new evening gown.  Then with the gown, they need to go shopping for matching shoes, a new hair style, jewelry and so on.  It's like Christmas!
One of the best jazz clubs in SL is Bogart's Jazz Club at Franks Place.  Formal wear is required so it's the perfect date destination.  Bogart's is sure to impress with it's grand ballroom and entertainment.  Great D.J's pump out cool jazz and fantastic live performances are scheduled daily.
Franks Place 3 (81, 131, 23)

The Entrance to Bogart's Jazz Club at Franks Place
Inside the Grand Ballroom

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