Monday, September 7, 2015

The Happiest Place In Second Life

Magicland In Second Life

Walking into Magicland for the first time brought me back to my youth to the day my parents took me to Disneyland for the first time.  I was transformed back to that little boy that stared in wonder as we walked down Main Street USA.  Cinderella's castle loomed in the distance while my favorite Disney characters greeted us.  The attention to every detail is apparent at this well built tribute to Disneyland.  Magicland has wonderful replica's of Disneyland's most popular attractions.  The sights and sounds surrounding you enhances the experience.  Such as the "It's A Small World" ride. The operator tells you to keep your hands inside the boat at all times right before you go into the tunnel and the familiar song starts to play loudly. The Magicland Railroad gives you an audio tour into the past with a touch of humor and my favorite was the audio tour through the "Jungle Ride" with a cut-out of an actual tour guide with his very corny memorized dialog.  Made me laugh.  Visit Tomorrowland or Fantasyland, Ride the Tea Cups or the Matterhorn and be sure to stay for the nightly parade and fireworks over Cinderella's Castle.  Magicland will bring out the kid in you and for some, very happy memories.

The Tour Guide on the Magicland "Jungle Ride"

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