Sunday, September 20, 2015

Second Life Dublin Gets a Mesh Makeover

Starting with the Blarney Stone Bar, one of SL's oldest hang-out destinations.  The old prim building was replaced by mesh in early September.  The old Irish pub charm remains as it looks identical to the old Blarney Stone only now it's mesh. The Blarney Stone is a Second Life institution since 2006, it has been a popular hang out spot for many since it's opening.  The new upgrade will hopefully bring in a new generations of lads and lassies

The Blarney Stone Bar in Dublin

This is only the first step in making the entire Dublin sim mesh.  The streets of Dublin are filled with historical buildings like the Cathedral and Trinity College.  It will be an large project to change everything to mesh but we are excited to see the out come.

Trinity College in SL Dublin

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