Sunday, November 1, 2015

Locked, Loaded and Ready For Combat

Last month we featured the Titanium Combat HUD.  I had a reply that the best shield against anyone using a combat system is called " AR=Report=Banned".  I should have stated that these systems should only be used for combat groups on private land since most combat sims use their own combat systems.  Years ago the only combat sim was the Linden Lab Combat Continent which uses LLCS (Linden Labs Combat System)  The sim has parcel damage enabled and no special HUD or equipment is required.  Guns are provided so just wear one and start in.  Since then residents have created their own combat systems and sims.  Most attack HUDs are not compatible with the systems used in most combat sims.  For example, Lost City Of Angels uses whats called (CCS) or Community Combat System and I personally don't know of any attack or combat HUD that is compatible there.
MCM is another experience.  Combat requires a full avatar replacement.  The MCM Combat System offers a ton of weapons and options, 4 combat arenas with state of the art design.
Some combat sims use the DCS2 System, Not as advanced as the MCM but plenty of weapon options.
Death Kill stats, lifeline, health meter, ammo supply and many other options are available in the combat HUDs. If you enjoy multi-player combat it's worth looking into the different combat communities to find one that suited for you.