Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 ISL Media Award Winners

After months of research and careful consideration, The Innovative Second Life Group has chosen our 6 winners for the 2016 Media Awards.  We have awarded the #1 best magazines and webzines in SL.  The six categories are:

*Fashion & Lifestyle
*News & Events,
*Home & Garden
*Arts & Culture
*Adult Content
*Special Award-The Best Magazine in Second Life

Congratulations to all the winners!  Here is a list of our 6 winners and why they were chosen the #1 best in SL.

Arts & Culture:
Kultivate Magazine:
Formally Windlight Magazine, Kultivate covers the arts and culture in Second Life.  Excellent interview's with creators and artists and featuring some of the most beautiful photography in SL by many talented artists. The interviews are complete and entertaining and the articles are informative ,  Kultivate is not only a visually stunning magazine but also very well written and constructed

News & Events:
SL Newser
We chose the SL newser as the #1 news source because it is a well constructed webzine offering residents news about current events, innovative products, press releases and informative articles. Covering Second Life's current news and real life matters of concern that effect SL.

Fashion & Lifestyle:
Eclipse Magazine
Eclipse Magazine stood out as the #1 best fashion & lifestyle magazine because of it's excellent variety and content. Beautiful photography highlights the latest trends in fashion and accessories, but also features artists, businesses,  designers, current events and SL lifestyles. The photography and graphics are professional and well done.

Adult Content:
Playmates Magazine
There are more adult magazines in SL then any other.  We chose Playmates Magazine as the #1 best because it offers professional, quality photography that is tasteful and imaginative.  The articles are entertaining and informative covering current fashions, destinations and creator interviews.  The content is classy, not trashy. and very well done.

Home & Garden:
LTD Magazine
We chose LTD Magazine (Love to Decorate Magazine) as the #1 best source for home & garden content because it features the newest innovative products from the best designers in SL.  Beautiful, professional photo's highlight informative articles in this well constructed magazine.

The #1 Best Magazine in Second Life:
BOSL (The Best Of SL)
Superior page design and graphics, superb photography, well written articles about a variety of subjects, and outstanding content elevates BOSL above the rest.  Consistent excellence in every issue.  We unanimously voted BOSL the winner of the best magazine in SL award.


  1. Congrats!!!! John!!! Kultivate Magazine Rocks!! I am so excited!!!
    Congrats to All Who have won !!!!

  2. Thank you so very much. It's an honor.