Monday, March 28, 2016

Explore Second Life

One of our favorite SL activities is exploring new sims and destinations.  Our group members are often sent information from new sim owners, clubs, galleries, etc to write about in our blog and we love to go check out interesting destinations.  If you are a SL explorer and are looking for great places, your first stop should be "Expedition Central".
Expedition Central is an explorers club dedicated to seeking out cool new sims and sharing them with like-minded individuals.  Everybody is welcome --no exceptions.  There is an Expedition Central group, a clubhouse and a blog.  Join the group to receive weekly sim reviews.

In the clubhouse is a library of 132 interesting Second Life locations.  Each location is represented by an image.  Click an image to receive a landmark to that location, and occasionally a explanatory notecard or a free t-shirt or whatever we have for it.  The locations are constantly being updated

The clubhouse is shaped like a big beer can and has several floors.  There is a semitransparent platform halfway up so you can see all or most of the locations at once, a lounge/map room above that and a rooftop observation deck with hang gliding available!  There is also an orientation area up high.

You can right-click the teleporters or just fly straight up through the hole in the ceiling.  This is a flight-friendly facility, however we are at 3500 meters, so watch your step.  There are free flight feathers on the bottom floor, also free maps and free vehicles. 

The Expedition Central group is open enrollment and anyone can invite others into it.  There is a teleporter to the Chilbo Sandbox on the bottom floor of the museum. 

For more information please IM Cyrus Hush. Or use the link below to teleport in-world.

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