Sunday, January 17, 2016

Second Life Trends and Fads

Just like real life, Second Life residents tend to follow trends and just like real life, what may be "in" today may be out tomorrow.  Keeping up with the latest thing is diligent work. Some of us are reluctant to change but at the risk of being viewed as outdated, noob, lazy, etc, we get on the bus and follow the crowd.  We looked back at some of SL's evolution through trends and fads and like that 90's hair style you wore in your graduation picture, some made us shake our heads wondering what were we thinking.
In Second Life's humble beginnings everyone was a pasty matte figure with prim hair but boy, how we have changed.  Below is a list of some of the biggest SL developments and trends.

T-shirts with funny sayings
Big eyes
Flexi skirts
Tight Jeans
Tribal Tattoos
Body oil tattoo layers
Face lights

Tall Amazon women
Muscle men
Glow skins
Prim eye lashes
Flexi Hair
Sculpted collars, hoodies, etc
Tan lines

Shoes with invisi-feet
Less muscle
Shorter women
Beards and mustaches
Alpha eyelashes and make-up
Whole body tattoos
Shoulder Pets
Lotus private parts

Pouty mouths with squinty eyes
Parted lips with teeth showing
Even shorter women
Physics for breasts and behinds
Face piercings
Sculpted nails
Lola's Tango and Phat Azz
Big butts and larger breasts

Mesh Everything! 
Mesh body clothing appliers
Mesh head facial expressions
Full figured women with very wide hips
Attachable Pets with AI

If you remember a SL trend that's not on this list comment below so we can add it.

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